Monday, 4 February 2019

Exclusive Never Before Seen Wildlife Art Paintings

Paintings from the Field Trip to Antarctica

In 2002 Alan M Hunt went on a field trip to the Antarctica with other artists and photographers. His epic journey was to capture the unique wildlife that inhabits the cold waters around Antarctica. During this amazing field trip Alan photographed, did field sketches and watercolour field studies of the local wildlife and their habitat in this remote and beautiful part of the world. No to mention the amazing paintings of penguins he produced.

Paintings of King Penguins

The trip of a lifetime yielded many memorable memories and fabulous paintings which have rarely been seen. Alan is predominately a wildlife artist that specialises in animals on land but on this adventure Alan had to portray and paint images of the natural world that he had very little if no knowledge of. Alan produced a series of painting of seabirds.

Orignal Antarctica Paintings of Wildlife
Riding the Waves

As you can see from this selection of bird paintings Alan has managed to capture seascapes of local Seabirds including the light, depth and feeling of this remote location.

Original Paintings of Gentto Penguins

All these previously unseen original bird paintings can be seen and purchased at Alan M Hunt's Wildlife Art Shop.

Or you can purchase in Alan's animal art shop for his seabird and penguin art decor prints, posters, throws, notebooks, duvet covers, bath towels, coffee mugs, phone cases and more designed by bird artist Alan M Hunt. 

Collection of Penguin and Seabird Paintings by British Bird Artist Alan M Hunt

An inspiring collection of original penguin and seabird paintings by acclaimed British Bird Artist Alan M Hunt. These paintings were created after an inspiring field trip to Antarctica. See this unique collection of bird paintings in Alan's Animal and Wildlife Art Shop where you can buy these penguin and seabird paintings as art decor prints, posters, throws, , duvet covers, bath towels, coffee mugs, phone cases and much more. https://alanm-hunt.pixels.com/collections/seabird+paintings+by+alan+m+hunt Keywords: Paintings, Prints, Alan M Hunt, Wildlife art, Fine Art, Arctic, Antartica, Animals, Photorealism, Birds, Penguins, Sea Birds, Chinstrap, Chinstrap Penguins, Frozen, Ice, Swimming, Cold, Sea, Rocks, Subjects: Birds, Wildlife, Nature, Natural World, Conservation, Arctic, Styles: Painting, Prints, Photorealism, Fine Art, Realism Mediums: Acrylic, Paint Materials: Canvas, Board, Paper, Masonite Prints: Animal Art Prints, Photorealism Art Prints, Fine Art Art Prints, Realism Art Prints, Acrylic Art Prints, Paint Art Prints, Canvas Art Prints https://www.alanmhunt.com/shop.html

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